Этот документальный фильм покажет все ужасы Второй Мировой войны именно так, ка это видели ее непосредственные участники - в цвете. Три часа подлинной картины войны с полностью ремастированным звуком и изображением. После просмотра "Второй Мировой войны в цвете" ваше восприятие мировой истории, без сомнения, изменится...

When war came to America in December of 1941, the film industry went to war along with the rest of the United States. These award winning documentaries are the work of some of Hollywood's finest producers and directors. Among them are John Ford's classic "The Battle of Midway," "Report from the Aleutians" by John Huston and William Wyler's "Memphis Belle." Shot at the front, with the filmmakers facing the same dangers as the fighting men, you'll also see some of the war's most memorable war correspondents, Ernest Hemingway and the GIs favorite, Ernie Pyle. These films, bursting with patriotism, are the filmmakers definitve legacy to the American servicemen and women who fought in history's greatest conflict.||The Battle of Midway|In 1942, American forces fought the Japanese to a standstill in the pivotal Battle of Miday. This documentary is John Ford's stirring tribute to the men who fought for the island. Much of the action shown was filmed during the actual Japanese attack. (17:20) ||The Memphis Belle|This is perhaps the best known documentary of WW II and the work of Hollywood legend William Wyler. It is the story of the first American bomber crew to complete their tour of duty by flying 25 missions in the hostile skies over Europe. (41:00) ||Report From the Aleutians|"Report from the Aleutians" is director John Huston's first documentary film and was nominated for an Academy Award. It lays out the struggle of the United States Armed Forces against the relentless power of nature and the Empire of Japan in the Northern Pacific. (44:10) ||Eyewitness To War|"Eyewitness to War" takes a look at America's war correspondents. This documentary records the daily life and conditions encountered by the intrepid men and women who reported on the Allies campaign to liberate France. (40:10)|| The Fighting Lady|This film ia a tribute to the crews and pilots who fought and lived aboard the U.S. Navy's fast attack carriers in WW II. Robert Taylor narrates the story of the "Fighting Lady" and her actions as representative of all carriers. (1:00:30) ||The 6th Marines At Okinawa|After three-and-a-half years of tough fighting, the United States landed forces on the island of Okinawa, at the very doorstep of Japan. Follow along with the Sixth Marine Division as it participates in the grueling, brutal struggle fro Japan's last island bastion. (50:20)||The Last Bomb|Fly with the B-29 bombers and their escorting P-51 fighters on their exhausting and dangerous missions over the Pacific. This critically acclaimed documentary details the final aerial campaign of WW II against the home islands of Japan. (34:34)

Название: Военная хроника: Вторая Мировая война в цвете
Оригинальное название: WW II in Color
Год выхода: 2004
Жанр: Документальный
Режиссер: Andrei Kavun
В ролях: Svetlana Antonova (as Olga), A. Banshchikova (as Viktoria), Mikhail Efremov (as Dorohov), Sergei Garmash (as Krest), Aleksandr Golubyov (as Belobrysyi), Aleksei Gorbunov (as Kuzmich), Vika Isakova (as Sinilga), Vladimir Mashkov (as Mazur), Andrei Merzlikin (as Shtabs), Yevgeni Mironov (as Prohor)
Продолжительность: 175
Перевод: Профессиональный (многоголосый, закадровый)
Файл: DVD
Формат: DVD
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